HUICdata, a China-based GIS service
outsourcing company with more than 300 employees, is dedicated to providing GIS data processing /data entry /IT application outsourcing services to clients worldwide. With 18+ years of outsourcing experience in the industry, HUICdata has proven itself to be your "one-stop-shop" for all of your needs.

We are constantly developing and enhancing our technologies to be the best in the industry. Our clients in North America, Hong Kong and Mainland China have been enjoying our high quality services at low cost. Committed to global market integration, we are always looking forward to seeking new business opportunities with new clients.

1 Tremendous Experience
18+ years experience in GIS industry
Serving both domestic and international clients
Experience in general data entry services for more than 10 years from various sources such as:

Health Insurance Claims
Bill of Lading
Transportation Invoice

2 Strong Technical Capabilities
200+ operators
90+ IT engineers
9 project managers / 6 general managers
More backup forces based on project's requirements
And we are growingĄ­

3 State-of-the-art Infrastructure
38,327 Square Feet Office
54 Servers / 495 Workstations
16 Routers and Firewalls
64 Switches
100M LAN/100M Fiber MAN
100MB Fiber Connection to Backbone of China Netcom
6MB LAN to China Telecom

4 Highest Quality Levels
Certified by ISO9001:2000
US Military QC Standard: MIL-STD-105E
First editing
Second verification
Third 3-5% checks
Fourth independent QC
More customized QC solutions based on requirements

5 Low Cost
Automation data factory cuts the operation and management cost
only 20-40% of in house cost in North America

6 Fast Turnaround, On-time Delivery
Fast delivery in turnaround times
Taking full advantage of North America/China time difference

7 Free Pilot Project, Free Estimate



> In April 2010, HUICdata updated its two websites:
> In March 2009, HUICdata got EZ-CAP projects.
> In February 2009, HUICdata updated its two websites:
> In March 2008, HUICdata got parcel layout projects.
> In February 2007, HUICdata got a SmallWorld project.