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Cadastral/Parcel Map

Cadastral/Parcel Map is a map showing the boundaries of the subdivisions of land for purposes of describing and recording ownership and taxation. It includes: graphic descriptions of parcels of land indicating their relative size and position to other properties, rivers, creeks, roads, and major geographic features. They are drawn to scale and delineate property dimensions and parcel serial number.

Parcel definition

A Parcel is a single cadastral unit, which is the spatial extent of the past, present, and future rights and interests in real property. It's a contiguous area of land described in a single description in a deed or as one of a number of lots on a plat, preferably in one general use, separately owned, and capable of being separately conveyed.

Maps information

In any format, whether designed for on-screen or printed viewing, Cadastral Map should contain the following basic information:

1. Boundaries of all parcels

2. Parcel dimensions or areas

3. Block and lot numbers and, if scale permits, names and boundaries of subdivisions and plats

4. Boundaries of political subdivisions, for example, county, town and municipality

5. Boundaries of geographic subdivisions, for example, section, township, and range; government lot boundaries and numbers; land districts; land lots; and numbers

6. Location and names of streets, highways, alleys, railroads, rivers, lakes, and so on

7. Parcel identification numbers

8. Date and source of the most recent plat change

9. The scale to which the map is drawn

10. Coordinate-geometry traverse definitions derived from legal descriptions when maps are maintained in a GIS

11. Other basic map information including a map number, title block, revision block, legend, map key, north arrow, and key to adjoining maps

12. Abstract information, such as vesting document numbers and dates

Ideally, supplemental information should be recorded on overlays or in a computer database. Maps may contain:

1. Names of recorded owners

2. Parcel address

3. Parcel acreage

4. Location of streets, trails, streams, etc, that are not a matter of public record

Why need it

Cadastral maps are developed at many levels of government and by the private sector. Cadastral maps help facilitate administration, zoning, building and site development, flood control, lake and stream erosion control, and the planning, design and construction of roads and public works. In the private sector, cadastral maps are useful to attorneys, appraisers, assessors, surveyors, engineers, and utility corporations as a means to inventory land holdings and index land records.

Cadastral maps have been an indispensable tool for the administration in dealing with day-to-day revenue and development activities in the district. The administrative staffs at field level are more conversant with cadastral maps rather than any other type of maps.

Cadastral maps having details of development activities survey number wise will facilitate the district administration to take up implementation of these tasks.

The cadastral map has four main purposes :

1. Provides a cartographic record of official and sometimes-private land surveys and subdivisions

2. Facilitates the administration and transfer of Crown Lands

3. Records land ownership

4. Assists in the valuation and taxation of land

We can do

We have professional cadastral mapping team, GIS analysts, and project managers will provide custom solutions that meet our client's needs. Our services include:

Land Records Research

Coordinate Geometry (COGO) Mapping

Digital / GIS Conversion

Hardcopy Map Publishing

Cadastral / Land Use / Zoning Integration

Data Maintenance

Achievements Presentation
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