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MapRiver 4.0
What is MapRiver 4.0?
DataRiver 4.0
What is DataRiver 4.0?
What's New in DataRiver 4.0
DataRiver 4.0 Introduction

HUICdata can successfully manage data-entry services for many years, abounding with experience, we possess software system -- DataRiver 4.0 developed by ourselves.

DataRiver 4.0 is a powerful tool for data entry and managing system developed by HUIC Data Services Ltd. Used to dealing with the data on HCFA-1500, UB-92, DENTIAL, MAIL, Bill of Lading, Transportation Invoice and Lab-sheets etc.

Not only DataRiver 4.0 could perform Key From Image (KFI); also could it manage the production processes and provide statistics of quality, quantity, time, salary and others.

There is a " 3&9 " quality control system in DataRiver 4.0 . In 9 production processes, system check & verify the validity, integrality & time-keep of data entry.

Validity: All data be deal with correctly.

Integrality: All tasks are not omitted & well done.

Real-time: Finish each step within the expected time, and send data to the customer timely.

Main systems of DataRiver 4.0 :

Customize project system

Data entry & managing system

Data capture tool system

Quality control system

Features of DataRiver 4.0 :

Use Com and support AddIn technique

'3 end longs & 9 transverse' quality control system

Customize projects' production process & standards in whole progress

Production processes are all online

Monitor and control the production process actively

Monitor and control the operators timely

Provide complete online support: Help online, Project standards, spelling check, data dictionary etc.

Answer the operators' questions online

Varieties of export format, supporting TXT, XML, DOC, EXCEL etc.

Supply various ways of the images location

Independent production platform, include other platforms: Testing, History, Training & QC

Make detailed production statistics include, quality, efficiency, salary etc. The statistics provide production manage data support. Also we can set up the individuality training plans based on them

Customize plans for project

DataRiver 4.0 provides customize projects managing. User can customize the whole process of the project include projects' basic information, data structure, presort interface, entry interface, export file format, image location type, daily & monthly report.

Usually, we finish testing and send the result to customer in 2 workdays, not more than 3 days.


Receive 20,000 images, about 1G every day

Backup production database about 200M every day

Single database's capacity is 610M The most fields form has 80 fields

The most records form has 2,583,124 records

The most connecting databases are 510

108 projects have been tested and produced in DataRiver 4.0

Images location

1. Direct Location

When image vs model have same distinguish rate, use the model coordinates to locate the image.

2. Proportion Location

When image vs model have different distinguish rate, change the model coordinates pro rata and match the image.

3. Consulting Area Proportion Location

Search automatically the area where the special field is in image and then locate by Proportion Location.

4. Searching Location

Search all lines in images automatically. Used in many entry lines' images mostly.

Production Management Image

In this module, the user can clearly view work date and projects list in the left side, and projects' detail information in Bar chart and Pie chart in the right side, such as the batches, images, records, actual images and actual records number of presort, keypunch, verify and export etc.

Online support- Question Answer Fix

WorkFlow as follow:

Online support - Question Help online/Project standards Image

When operators entry data or do verification, if they do not clearly make sure the projects' rules or standards, they can press "F1" to get helps. There maybe some notes presenting in the interface immediately. The help notes show operators the projects' rules or standards.

Online support ¨C Messenger

Operators can use Messenger in DataRiver 4.0 to communicate with each other; also the manager can use Messenger to publish notices or bulletins to all online users timely.


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