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MapRiver 4.0
What is MapRiver 4.0?
DataRiver 4.0
What is DataRiver 4.0?
What's New in DataRiver 4.0
MapRiver 4.0 Introduction

Why can HUICdata provide such world-class quality data at a competitive rate, why can HUICdata work like a data factory to achieve one success after another? Thanks for MapRiver 4.0, a powerful production manage software based on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server SDE.

Features in MapRiver 4.0:

  1. Customized ERP for GIS projects.
  2. Developed by our own IT team.
  3. Programming languages: VC++, VB/VBA, VB.NET/C#
  4. Four working platforms: production, testing, training and history.
  5. Completely utilizes COM and supports AddIns.
  6. Allows the managers customize workflows and procedures for projects.
  7. Pilot or production processes real-time control.
  8. Production processes are all online.
  9. Communicate with customers online timely.
  10. Remotely monitor and control supports.
  11. 24*7 online production tracking.
  12. Miscellaneous production reports, allow our clients take a 360-degree look at the whole production processes, anytime, anywhere, as long as you can utilize internet services.

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