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Indexing is the process of converting a collection of data into a database suitable for easy search and retrieval. The core is for searching, and recalling data of any unstructured forms. Usually indexing includes field-based and full-text and recommends a combination of the two. Organizations/Companies can benefit a lot from indexing.

Benefits of Indexing:

Indexing produces both tangible and intangible benefits to the organization.

Tangible benefits-- include financial, legal, employee, and value-added benefits.

Intangible benefits-- include less concrete measures of success, such as improved perception of the organization by both employees and customers.

Combined tangible and intangible benefits result in financial gain for the organization through increased employee productivity, customer service, and competitive advantage in the marketplace.


The first step is whether your data currently in digital form. If not, the data needs to be converted to digital format by data capture. For example, use OCR to scan it into computer and then OCR software (optical character recognition) may be used to convert the data.

Then the data can be indexed and it will form a guide to the material for each network document in which the required search, such as title, location, keywords, and other information about that document is listed clearly.


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