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What is DataRiver 4.0?
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Handwritten Data

For printed data, usually we use OCR to convert. However, for most handwritten data, OCR software may not recognize them. For handwriting styles always have many variations and it is these variations and the individual nature of handwriting that makes data entry / data capture of handwritten version a specialist task. We have trained specialist teams of staff specifically dedicated to the keying of handwritten data. They has been trained to recognize various handwritten data on papers, images, and computer files, etc., and key in the data with good performance. It makes the recognition and processing of handwritten data to be one of our feature businesses.

Convert Handwritten Data-The Process

We recognize your natural handwriting, numerous handwritten data in images, paper files, forms etc. We transform, namely, enter your handwritten data into the relative database and convert them into computer readable files, including text, tables, images, etc.

We respect the layout of your original document. You can modify, complete and correct the resulting file with word processing and other software according to your likes.

We can input handwritten data from widely different sources such as:

Dictionary, Manual etc.
Medical form
Health Insurance form
Market Research Tabulation
Tax record
Credit report Etc.

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Electronic Files (pdf, doc, txt, database, excel, etc.)
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