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What is Data Processing

Data Processing is a category of IT Enabled Services pertaining to capture, digitization and processing of data emanating from various sources. Traditional data processing services are comprised of punching data from manually filled forms, images or publications; preparing databases and integrating them. However, with the advent of multimedia and Internet, the scope and range of data processing has grown. Sources have widened to include manually printed documents, images, electronic files, pdf, etc. Equally diverse are the new output media which includes databases on servers, XML, CD-ROM authoring and indexing emanating from internet based queries.

Data Processing - The Process

Data Processing services cater to companies / organizations, which receive or generate large quantities of information that is handwritten/ printed and time sensitive. These forms can be sent either physically or can be scanned and transmitted to the vendor's facility.

The data processing may be done using high-speed, automated data conversion system reading a handwritten or printed document, bar codes, and most data slots that are on a form. Information can be processed from clients' servers or scanned version.

Main Methods of Data Capture Currently

We enter data manually (from image or paper) or through computer assisted data capture, using:

OCR (optical character recognition)
Key Entry
PDF Etc.

Information is checked by validation routines. Processed data are then sent to verification stations where experienced operators verify the accuracy of processed information. This product is then turned into required data, and properly formatted Data (record layout) is quickly transmitted to the client's servers by FTP.

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